Who are Nick & Maggie?


Quitting your dream job and moving back in with your parents doesn’t sound like the start of a very successful story. But it’s how ours starts, so although it sounds slightly horrifying, we’ll roll with it…

In 2013, you would have found both of us tanned, happy and managing tours of the European continent for eager young travellers. Life was good, and we were “living the dream” so to speak. But we never spent any time together and our schedules always conflicted. So we decided to leave it all behind, move in with Nick’s parents and give adulting a try.

Nick enticed Maggie into moving to Australia with false promises that Vegemite tastes better when you get there and that kangaroos are pets and not food. Other than the still awful taste of Vegemite, there were many highlights: putting IKEA furniture together, grocery shopping, and actually having a fridge to put our food into.

The fuzzy feeling of relative adulthood lasted about 6 months before we started to miss our previous lifestyle of travelling and educating people. Maggie discovered freelancing and from there, we knew that we were onto something that could change our lives and the lives of others forever. Living to Roam exists to achieve exactly that. To empower you to create a life you love.

For us, geeking out over digital marketing, business and remote work has allowed us the privilege to travel whenever and wherever we want. Your idea of freedom may look the same, or it might be something completely different. Whatever it means for you – we want to help you achieve it. Remote work and digital marketing are still relatively fresh concepts today. The information out there is vast and overwhelming. We decided that we wanted to help as many people as possible to break out of the mould and to start living life on their own terms. If you’re ready to stop building someone else’s dream for them and start building your own, you’re in the right place.

Want to know more about us?

We’re Maggie and Nick, a Canadian girl and an Australian guy who obsess travelling, eating hummus, drinking more coffee than is probably safe or recommended and using way too many long sentences in our posts. We get just as excited talking about the latest digital marketing strategies as we do about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, yes we are geeks!

PS. Who has the best superhero stance?


  • Strengths: Vegan superpowers, speaking three languages, ability to play in ball-pits and go on children’s rollercoaster rides without suspicion due to being short and childlike
  • Weaknesses: Inability to stand still, continuously picking up new skills like it’s my day job
  • On the bucket list: Hold a sloth in Costa Rica
  • Ideal dinner party guests (living or dead): Ellen DeGeneres and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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  • Strengths: Eating Greek food, playing Finska, beard growing
  • Weaknesses: Cracking eggs, yoga (except for child’s pose), making terrible celebrity look-alike calls, playing way too much ‘Plants vs Zombies: Heroes’ (although he will tell you it’s a strength as he is really, really good at it)
  • On the bucket list: snowboard in Japan, high five a penguin in Antarctica, see Daft Punk perform live
  • Ideal dinner party guests (living or dead): Richard Branson, Zach Galifianakis, Muhammad Ali

Want to work with me? I help online course creators.