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Hey, I’m Maggie and together with my partner Nick (the handsome bearded fella next to me in the photo) I’ve been able to create a life I love.

But here’s the kicker…

Anyone who tells you that “it’s easy” and “just follow your passions and the money will come” is just flat out lying.

I’m a realist and I like telling my story the same way I’d want to hear it from someone else. In a no-BS, no-fluff, cut-the-crap sort of way.

So, this is not the story of how Nick and I make 6 figures while we sleep. (Spoiler alert, we don’t.)

This is not the story of our picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy lifestyle.

This isn’t even the story of how our work allows us to travel wherever, whenever.

This is a story about how we worked our butts off for months, so eventually, we could stop working to build someone else’s dream – and start building our own.

Like many millennials, I suffered from career ADHD. Meaning I got bored easily and distracted by daydreams of a life, extending outside the four white walls of an office space.

No matter what people say, this is NOT a bad thing. It’s what makes me creative, and driven to always do more, see more and learn more.

So I decided to learn about how people make money freelancing online. Social media management and virtual assistance seemed to be the easiest things for me to learn in a short period of time and make enough money from in order to replace my office job income. I learned what I could, where I could, however I could.

I became a virtual sponge for all information that could help me make money online. I was in no way an expert but it was my care factor, drive and (let’s face it a completely false sense of) confidence that landed me my first few jobs. 

I started at $20 USD/hour and my first client could only afford to have me work 3 hours per week. At this point, I decided to quit my full-time job and throw myself into freelancing.

Okay, perhaps that part was a little crazy.



But I continued learning, improving my skills and working my butt off for my clients. After a month of working online, I decided to give myself a 30% raise and a new job title…    


Freelancing rates 26 | Living to Roam


Another 2 months passed and I expanded my skills to include email marketing, copywriting and basic design.

So I doubled my initial hourly rate…  


Freelancing rates 40 | Living to Roam


There’s no mindblowing secret to success here. I just simply went out there, worked as hard as I could, and invested time into learning and developing my skills.  

Since those early days, Nick has also left his ‘traditional job’ and we’ve gone on to teach students from 18 countries (you can see where they are from below) how to set up their own online freelance business with the same level of momentum AND charge premium rates for offering digital marketing services to their clients.


With Living to Roam, our mission is to share our advice on travel, freelancing and business to help you travel longer, work smarter and live happier.

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On the inside, you’ll discover our top hacks for cheap travel, how to find work online, and what it takes to run a successful business in an increasingly digital world.

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