Law Of Attraction: How It Works (From A Skeptic)

When I first heard about the law of attraction, I was naturally skeptical. My knee-jerk reaction was to think that it was another mythical concept that was better suited to a movie like Harry Potter than to my actual, real (and decidedly ‘muggle’) life.

That said, I owed it to myself to check it out. If there was a way to make things happen by using the power and energy of my thoughts alone, I definitely wanted to see if and how it was possible.

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As an Eastern European, (I was born in Slovakia) let’s just say it took me a good few years of living in Canada to grasp the concept of ‘free samples’ at the grocery store. Or Halloween… don’t take candy from strangers kids, unless it’s on October 31st. Foolproof parenting strategy, right?

So safe to say it took me a while to get behind the idea of being able to manifest things in my life. Even the word ‘manifest’ used to put me off a little. It sounded like one of those spirituality buzzwords that went against my deep-seeded belief that nothing would happen unless I worked ridiculously hard to achieve it.

Now I like to sit somewhere in the middle. It has definitely worked for me (and I’ll tell you how below) but before we get into all of this… Spoiler alert! The law of attraction doesn’t just work by just you sitting down and thinking about becoming the proud owner of a magical unicorn that poops gold.

This isn’t Hogwarts, people!

Now, you’ve possibly heard about the concept of the law of attraction because of the 2006 movie, The Secret. The movie has a lot of smart people talking about grand concepts like manifesting expensive cars, houses or even health while facing a serious illness. Which, although quite convincing for some, may seem a bit too left field for people like me who need just a bit more convincing.

But here’s what I DO know, the law of attraction is backed up by quantum physics. And to some extent, we all have accepted it as a reality in one way or another. What do I mean by this? If you’ve ever heard the phrase: “Be careful what you wish for”? That’s a very simplified way of thinking about the law of the law of attraction.


Thoughts become things.

I can bet that you know or have known the type of person who is constantly complaining, and bad things keep happening to them. The funny thing is, these people usually blame the universe for their ‘bad luck’ and in a sense, they’re right.

An easy way I’ve found to think about it is from the perspective of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (not to be mistaken for a West German far-left militant organization under the same name). It’s more commonly known as ‘the frequency illusion’.

Do thoughts really become things? I’m a natural skeptic (that’s what happens when you’re born in Eastern Europe) but I also love the possibility that if you think about something long and hard enough, you can actually attract, or manifest it. So I put it to the test! Find out what I discovered at #lawofattraction #manifest #thesecretIt explains why when you really want to buy a red Volkswagen beetle; you suddenly start seeing them EVERYWHERE. They were always there, but your brain blocked them out because they weren’t deemed important to you. This concept is key!

The law of attraction works in a similar way, if you’re constantly thinking about bad things happening to you, they will happen. If part of the way you think about your life is that you’re someone who always has crappy boyfriends and is always broke – well then that’s exactly what will keep happening.

If, instead, you decide that you will be in a healthy, stable relationship and have a new job with a better salary. Then your mind shifts towards looking at things around you to make that happen. Things that maybe were always there but you blocked them out.

Once your mind deems these things to be worthy of your attention and important to consider, you start notice them far more often. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Another example of this is found in sports psychology. Olympic athletes are often told by their coaches to envision themselves winning a gold medal in their chosen field. They are told to think about exactly what it would feel like to stand on the podium, accept the medal and the bouquet of flowers, and listen to their national anthem play.

These visions and feelings then condition and train the brain to accept that this is not only a possibility, but that it will become a reality for the athlete. The brain treats these visions the same way that it treats memories – as if they have already happened.

Obviously, we know that there is a clear limitation on the law of attraction in practice. There can only be one gold medal winner, regardless of how many of the athletes participating believed that they had already won are were attracting that success.

Let me use another example just to clarify. I don’t believe that you can just manifest Ryan Gosling to be your boyfriend out of thin air. (Although that would be cool, I think Eva Mendes may have beaten you to the punch).

But there’s definitely something to attracting the right things, people and events in your life.


Law of attraction good vibes artwork


As an example, when I was 4 years old, I told everyone in my preschool class I was going to live in Australia and have a pet koala one day. My family and I had never been to Australia, we lived in a post-communist country and didn’t speak English so the chances of this happening were pretty freakin’ low. It took 20 years but I got engaged to an Australian and moved Down Under. Could that be a coincidence? Totally, but I choose to believe otherwise.

Still waiting on that pet koala though.

Personally, I think (a powerful statement in the context) the key to making things happen in your life is to actually feel the feeling of what it is like to already have the thing you want.

Start with little things and take time to appreciate them and recognize them when they happen, don’t just write them off as coincidences. Confidence is also very important to the law of attraction. The more powerful you think you are, the more power you’ll have to dream of bigger and better things.

So I guess in a way it is a LITTLE bit like Hogwarts.


Tell me in the comments below, have you ever successfully used the Law of Attraction to make something happen in your life?


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